2013 Nissan Pathfinder Ti 3.5P 4WD

66,400 km

The Nissan Pathfinder is a mighty familiar SUV nameplate in the NZ market. It's been around more than a quarter century; yet in 2013 it warrants a complete reintroduction.

Current or former Pathfinder owners looking to rekindle their relationship with the new version are likely to be sorely disappointed, as the 2013 Pathfinder doesn't exactly follow in the previous model's footsteps. This is no longer a musclebound truck; and Nissan wasn't shooting for rock-crawling ability, or powerboat-towing prowess.

Those who clear their preconceptions will find who Nissan was opening the doors to: families, and especially families who need a little extra space. For that, you'll likely find the Pathfinder to be an attractive, well-thought-out vehicle that performs better (and more efficiently) than a number of other family crossovers on the road—where it matters.

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