2019 Land Rover Range Rover PHEV Vogue SE

Mt Maunganui
Yulong White
32,000 km
8-gear automatic
Plugin Petrol Hybrid

Known as P400e, the combined 404PS PHEV powertrain pairs a 300PS 2.0L Si4 Petrol engine with 104PS electric power, and powers the car from 0-100kph in
6.7 seconds

The P400e really comes into its own when driving in the city or driving short distances where full electric drive mode can be
used for up to 51km* when fully charged, delivering tailpipe emissions of 0g/km of CO2. *Range can vary depending on driving conditions.

This particular vehicle was fitted at factory with the following options:

Grand Black Wood
Contrast Painted Roof-Black
Panoramic Roof - Sliding
Ebony Premium Headlining
Garage Door Opener - Homelink
Veh Acc Leisure Activity Key
Cabin Air Quality Ionisation
Pixel LED/ Signtre DRL/ IHB
Atlas Accent Finish
22-Way H/C MassFrt H/C Recl Rr
Privacy Glass

P400e Driving Modes and Features:

P400e normally operates in Parallel Hybrid mode: both the electric motor and ICE working
together to optimise performance and efficiencies. When in Parallel Hybrid mode, there are 2
driver selectable energy management functions:

There is a 'SAVE' driving function which prevents the battery charge dropping below the level
present at point of activation. The vehicle will only use the electric motor if the battery
has received a charge over and above the set level through regenerative braking.

In contrast to Parallel Hybrid mode, the driver is also able to select a full EV mode (note: SAVE will not work in Manual EV mode):

- Manual EV enables the vehicle to run solely on the electric motor using the energy
stored in the battery. Ideal for quiet, zero tailpipe emission journeys. The system will
revert to petrol engine operation should the driver demand greater acceleration than is
achievable through the electric motor alone, or if the battery charge drops to an
insufficient level.

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