2013 BMW 335i Active Hybrid 3

102,500 km
8 Speed Automatic
Petrol Hybrid

The BMW Activehybrid 3 is a close relative of the BMW 335i which is often regarded as a perfect combination of key features of a European Sedan, firstly being regarded as a prestige car, one that provides endless examples of efficient and exact engineering all while being a true drivers car with a balance of comfort and performance. Couple this with hybrid technology and you add extra fuel efficiency, smoothness and quietness for added comfort and of course an added boost in power.

Power is delivered from a straight six twin-scroll turbocharged 3 litre powerplant (N55B30HP) and 40kw electric motor offers a hefty 250kw and 450nm for exceptional acceleration and when the vehicle is being used for efficiency, you can find yourself with figures of 6.1 litres per 100km.

Features include:
- Auto headlights
- Bluetooth
- NZ Navigation
- Leather seats
- Memory seats
- Heated front seats
and much more